You got this! The Voice contestant Celia Babini made it to the top 13 and is hopeful that she will continue this amazing journey to the finale.

“Oh, it would be such an honor. I mean, even if I don’t win, and I make it to the finale, it would be amazing,” she exclusively told Life & Style. “It’s already been an honor to be top 13, but to make it even further would be absolutely incredible. It would also give me an opportunity to keep working with John [Legend] and also keep meeting new fans and new people and have more opportunity.”

The 18-year-old switched between Team Legend and Team Adam [Levine] several times, and the successful singers have both given her important guidance. “They are both very different. John is definitely quieter, more observant. He has a very particular taste, and I don’t know, he is the perfect balance between critical and also kind and gives you your own space to do your own thing as an artist,” she dished about the 40-year-old singer.

Celia Babini on The Voice With John Legend in a Purple Suit
NBC / Getty Images

She added, “I think with John — his best advice he has given me so far is don’t really worry about voting, necessarily. When you perform, perform for your audience in front of you and perform for yourself as well. So, making sure that you are pleased as a performer, and it’s not really about getting the votes. It’s about giving your best performance.”

So, what’s the 40-year-old “Moves Like Jagger” crooner like? “Adam is like this big goofball, he is like a teenage boy,” she revealed. “It’s funny, it’s great though. It’s nice — it’s good energy so they really are different. I think Adam’s best advice is probably to go have fun, go up there and just enjoy what you’re doing.”

Celia’s parents are also in creative fields — her mom is a designer and her dad is a fashion photographer — and they have been so supportive throughout this exciting time in her life. “I mean, they definitely are both such hardworking people, and I have definitely learned a lot about their work ethics from them,” she said. “I think my dad slowly began to realize that there was actually potential that I could do this with my life, and now, my dad is such a big cheerleader. I mean, maybe even more than my mom. I mean, that is hard to beat.”

Whatever happens, the New York native wants her fans to know that she loves them. “It’s not the end of my journey, regardless. So yeah, please vote, please spread the word, please share, and if it doesn’t work out, then that is OK because I am going to keep doing music, and if it does, then perfect, let’s keep pushing.”

We’re rooting for you, girl!

The Voice airs on NBC Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. ET.