The Real Housewives of New York City star Erin Lichy’s marriage to husband Abraham Lichy has sparked interest amongst fans after they made their reality TV debut during the premiere of the show’s season 14 reboot. While some viewers have deemed the attorney one of the hottie househusbands, others are interested in the pair’s dynamic.

When Did Erin and Abraham Lichy Get Married?

The New York power couple tied the knot at Cipriani Wall Street in a rabbi-officiated wedding in 2012 and grew their family quickly after.

After their nuptials, Erin and Abraham welcomed son Levi in December 2014, daughter Layla in March 2017 and son Elijah in February 2020.

What is RHONY’s Erin Lichy Husband’s Job?

Abraham is a successful attorney and partner at McLaughlin & Stern, where he additionally holds a position as the Chair of Intellectual Property. He is also on the general council at Autumn Communications PR and cofounded Framework Fashion in 2015, according to his LinkedIn.

Does Erin Lichy’s Husband Appear on ‘RHONY’?

Fans met Erin and costars Sai De Silva and Jessel Frank’s husbands during The Real Housewives of New York City season 14 premiere.

Erin shared a glimpse inside her family life when she hosted a birthday dinner with her extended and personal family, where Abraham made his first cameo.

The reality TV rookie caught the attention of fans after she shared how they keep the spark alive in their love life.

Meet Erin Lichy’s Husband Abraham: Job, ‘RHONY’ Appearances and More
Courtesy of Erin Lichy/ Instagram

“My husband and I have an agreement that going out and flirting a little bit is OK. Like, it’s OK to have silly banter, a little flirtation,” Erin said in a July 2023 interview. “We feel very secure, he’s my best friend, we love each other deeply, but we’re also very very close, so anything that goes on, we’re talking about it, it’s not like a private thing.”

That being said, Erin slammed costar Brynn Whitfield after the single housewife flirted with Abraham, which viewers will be able to see later in season 14.

During the brief on-camera chat, Brynn reminded Abraham that she was on the market once he was “ready to get a divorce” from his wife.

“There are things about [Brynn’s] personality that I really love and gravitate towards. … But when she gets to a place that I feel becomes … too serious or like, icky, that’s when I’m just like, ‘OK.’ I kind of put my hands up.” Erin said in response to the awkward interaction in July 2023. “Thinking back on it and the behavior, it’s just not something I would ever do. I don’t think that … it was the time or place or the behavior that I find to be quite frankly, normal behavior.”