She's a princess goddess mermaid! Aimee Hall is just a regular down-home girl from Perdido, AL who decided to head to the beach to join the cast of MTV's hit reality TV series Floribama Shore. But she's already clashing with some of her cast members and she recently was on the receiving end of some pretty mean comments from Codi Butts and Kirk Medas.

During this week's episode, Aimee confided in her pal Kortni Gilson about how she felt that their co-stars Nilsa Prowant was making out with Josh Buoni on the cab ride home and she didn't have anyone to hook up with. Codi made a pass at Aimee, but she rejected him and said, “Codi, I love you as a brother. It’s not going to happen.” Upset that he was rejected, Codi and his pal Kirk took turns hurling insults at Aimee, until their co-star Jeremiah Buoni defended her and explained how mean it was to attack her for her looks when she suffered from low self esteem from a previous relationship. Keep reading below to learn more about Aimee.

She just got out of a toxic decade-long relationship.

In her MTV bio, the 25-year-old revealed that she decided to go to Panama City Beach in order to leave her past behind her. She dated a guy back home for 10 years off and on, and their relationship finally ended after he got anotehr woman pregnant.

But even though she was with her ex for so long, their relationship wasn't necessarily a healthy one. She revealed to her cast mates that her ex would constantly criticize her appearance and tell her that she doesn't "look good."

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She works as a bartender.

Before filming Floribama Shore over the summer, she had a job at The Scrap Yard, which is a roadhouse in Bay Minette, AL, according to

She's been trying to get on reality TV for a while.

She previously revealed that she had applied to become a cast member on another Jersey Shore-inspired show, Party Down South.