Is Gabby Barrett going to be the next American Idol? The aspiring singer just gave the stand-out performance of her entire American Idol journey thus far during last night’s episode and fans are positive that it will earn her a spot in the Top 10! Gabby sang an impressive cover of Miley Cyrus‘ 2009 hit “The Climb,” which earned her a standing ovation from judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie — and they all agreed that it helped push her to become a Season 16 frontrunner.

Luke had to clear his throat before he gave Gabby his comments, because he got choked up after her performance. “That was my favorite vocal situation of the night by the way,” he told her. “And for the first time, I feel like you’re not playing around anymore. You’re out to get the whole thing done.” Katy also gushed over the 18-year-old’s performance, and Lionel said that they all just witnessed a star being born during her performance.

But the Munhall, PA native isn’t safe yet! After her performance last night, her fate rests in American Idol fans’ hands. Viewers have been given about 24 hours to vote for their favorite American Idol performer, and jugding by fans’ reactions to Gabby’s performance on social media, she is definitely a shoo-in.

“No one in the competition comes close to Gabby,” one fan wrote, while another tweeted, “I was kind of skeptical with Gabby taking on ‘The Climb’ in the beginning. But she definitely proved she’s one of the contestants to watch out this season.”

Gabby has made it all the way to the Top 14 after she auditioned for the competition in Nashville, and she has the support of her father and manager, Blase Barrett. He said he thinks that she has what it takes to win if she can control her nerves in front of the judges. “Gabby doesn’t have one ounce of nerves [performing for an audience] because she loves to perform in front of crowds,” he told local paper TribLIVE. It is much harder for her to perform in front of the three judges.”