The Golden Bachelor fans have been dying to know what Gerry Turner told Leslie Fhima during their date in the Fantasy Suites to make her feel like she was going to receive his final rose. Leslie didn’t reveal exactly what the season 1 lead said during their reunion on After the Final Rose, but now she’s sharing the sweet nothings he told her during their relationship.

“He made plans with me for [the] future. He said kind of, like, ‘Save the date, this is what we’re going to do. I can’t wait for us. [In] two more days, we’ll be done with this [and] be together, start our life,’” the Golden Bachelor runner-up, 64, told Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt during the Monday, December 4, episode of the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast. “Did he say, ‘Will you marry me?’ in there, no, but he all but said that. I would’ve been happy with just, ‘I love you,’ but he took it to a different level.”

Leslie also recalled the morning of their Fantasy Suite overnight date, which ended up being their last. The former professional figure skater claimed that Gerry, 72, “didn’t want to leave” and never commented on having “such a hard decision to make.”

As for moving on, Leslie admitted that she “didn’t get a ton of closure” with the former restaurateur. However, she “closed it” with herself.

“[Gerry] had to make a choice. It’s his journey, his choice. But he could have chosen not to say those things to me. That’s all,” Leslie told the Bachelor Nation couple. “He said he wasn’t ready [or] his heart wasn’t ready, or something like that. I kind of was glazing over at that point, but I didn’t get closure from him. And I don’t know if anything he would’ve said would’ve really given me closure.”

Golden Bachelor’s Leslie Reveals What Gerry Said Off Camera

After spending his final date with Leslie, Gerry went on to experience his Fantasy Suite date with now-fiancée Theresa Nist, whom he proposed to during the finale. The senior citizen reality star admitted that he said “I love you” and could “see a life together” with both women. That being said, Gerry “made [his] decision” after both dates.

Leslie slammed Gerry during their oncamera reunion after their split after hearing what he said about Theresa, 70, in his confessionals. “You made it sound like you chose me. You led me down a path and then you took a turn and left me there,” she told him during After the Final Rose.

Although the Iowa native didn’t choose Leslie to spend the rest of his life with, some of his family members thought she was the clear winner. “I had Leslie picked out. For some reason, I just didn’t care for Theresa,” Gerry’s dad, Everett Turner, told The Sun on December 1. “I was 60 percent for Leslie and 40 percent for Theresa. I couldn’t say why. Right off the bat, Theresa rubbed me the wrong way.”