Newlyweds Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour’s love story is one of the best successes to come out of Bachelor in Paradise after they left season 6 as an engaged couple. Now that they’re enjoying married life, the pair exclusively tells Life & Style their advice to new BiP couples once they leave the beach and return to the real world.

“I think talking about real life stuff as soon as possible while you’re there because it is a bubble and it’s very easy to get along with people in that scenario,” Dylan, 29, tells Life & Style. “And then I think long distance will just kill 90% of the relationships.”

After the couple left the beach, Dylan returned home to San Diego and Hannah, 28, made a big move from her home state of Alabama to Los Angeles.

“We’d see each other every day or every weekend at least,” he continues. “And then she eventually moved down here.”

Hannah, for her part, gushes that her compatibility with the Vizer app cofounder was “natural.” “I will say I think we also just got super lucky with it. How compatible we just are naturally has been really awesome. And how we both communicate with each other,” the model explains. “I mean, communication’s obviously super important, but our communication styles and our humor and our friends and everything just really lined up for us.”

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour's Advice to 'BiP' Couples

The former reality stars tied the knot in a breathtaking ceremony and reception at Château de Villette in Condécourt, France, on August 23. Now, the pair is getting ready to host their first holiday celebrations as a married couple and partnered with Baskin-Robins for their Turkey Day Fixin’s Flavor of the Month to kick off the holiday season.

“I’m making the Turkey this year for actual Thanksgiving. I didn’t really want to make a huge Turkey for everybody at the Friendsgiving, so we just got a Turkey cake that Baskin Robbins makes, and we just filled it with the Turkey Day Fixin’s,” Dylan explains of their Friendsgiving event. “It looked so real, and you can do whatever flavor you want, but we did the Turkey Day Fixin’s on the inside, and it was kind of like our finale.”

Hannah admits that the dessert was such a big hit that they “might even host a few more” Friendsgiving events at their house and enjoy a “family type celebration.” “I feel like they’re so casual and it’s a funny excuse to get people to come over and stuff and decorate because I love decorating.”

Reporting by Jessica Stopper