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Has Emily Blunt Undergone Plastic Surgery? See the Actress’ Transformation Over the Years

Fans first fell in love with Emily Blunt in 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada and the actress looks just as gorgeous today. But has she ever undergone plastic surgery to maintain her ageless appearance?

The Edge of Tomorrow star believes that wrinkles are a sign of a well lived life. “I love imperfection – I appreciate that every line on someone’s face bears a story, and is the result of experience,” Emily told Woman & Home in 2019.

“In Hollywood, people are suffocated by plastic surgery, but striving for an impassive perfection isn’t something I ever found beautiful or have tried to achieve myself,” she continued. “I believe in taking care of your skin and your general health, but women who spend too much time trying to look perfect lose some of the magic about them.”

Since England-born Emily is naturally fair skinned, she makes sure to use UV protection. “As soon as I wake up, I cleanse and tone my skin, then I apply a serum, moisturizer and always finish with sunscreen, because I live in Los Angeles, which is very sunny,” she told the publication of her morning beauty routine. She’s just as diligent about skincare in the evenings.

“Every night, no matter if I’ve been out with friends or if it’s very late, I take my makeup off – I can’t sleep if I’ve got makeup on, so each night I cleanse, tone and moisturize again. It’s a routine my mom instilled in me,” she revealed.

Emily also makes sure what she puts in her body is good for her skin. “I eat healthily, drink a lot of green vegetable juices and green tea, and I take a lot of supplements – hyaluronic acid, vitamin C products, and vitamin B. Supplements have completely changed my skin from the inside out, making it more resilient to sun damage and congestion from heavy set makeup,” she explained.

The Mary Poppins Returns star’s longtime facialist, Biba de Sousa, explained to PopSugar in 2019 how the star is naturally blessed when it comes to her complexion.

“Emily’s skin is in very good shape, so she doesn’t need much intervention in terms of extractions or laborious exfoliation. She is very holistic — I don’t recall ever putting acids on her face,” Biba told the outlet, adding, “Not searching for extreme treatments has preserved her skin so well, and she looks just like she did 10 years ago.”

Scroll down to see photos of Emily’s transformation over the years.