Go, girl! Adele is “absolutely living her best life right now” following the singer’s 100-pound weight loss, a source exclusively tells Life & Style. “She’s in the best shape she’s ever been in — even she can’t believe how she’s transformed her body.”

Adele first debuted her new, slender figure at Drake’s birthday party in October 2019. At the time, the “Rolling in the Deep” artist had lost an estimated 20 pounds. Now that she’s hit her “goal,” the insider says she hopes to “keep tightening up her body,” and adds, “She’s even dreaming of running a marathon someday.”

Adele Is Absolutely Living Her Best Life After Losing 100 Pounds

Adele, who turned 32 on May 5, was “motivated” to make a lifestyle change following her split from ex-husband Simon Konecki, says the source. The U.K. pop star filed for divorce in September 2019 after the pair spent seven years together. The former flames share a 7-year-old son named Angelo. 

The songwriter followed “strict eating regimens” in order to transform her body, including the keto diet and the SirtFood diet. Additionally, she worked out “nonstop” with personal trainer Pete Geracimo. “She loves working out now, which she jokes is not something she ever thought would come out of her mouth,” the insider explains. 

“She cut out her beloved cups of tea — she was up to 10 cups a day — which she used to drink with two spoonfuls of sugar,” notes the source. “Now, she’s all about drinking green juice, eating salads … she loves kale now.” Adele is also “educating herself on the right foods to have around the house,” the insider assures. “Seeing the results is what keeps her going.” 

On May 6, Adele was all smiles as she posed in a little black dress following her birthday celebrations. According to the source, it was “the perfect opportunity” to show off her progress to her fans. “She’s so proud of the picture she posted.” 


Adele Is Absolutely Living Her Best Life After Losing 100 Pounds
Courtesy Adele/Instagram

For years, Adele “never showed her legs” and wore “signature long dresses,” the insider recalls. “She loved them, but she hid behind them. Now, that’s all changed. It’s a cliché, but she says she feels like a butterfly — she’s shedding her old skin and this is who she really is. It’s definitely a metamorphosis.”

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