During Jessica Simpson’s third pregnancy with daughter Birdie Mae, the “With You” songstress admittedly “tipped the scales at 240 [pounds].” However, thanks to a rigorous diet and exercise regime, Jessica, 39, has lost 100 pounds since giving birth in March. 

“Jessica was very insecure with her pregnancy weight gain. Having Birdie was unexpected and the pregnancy was hard, but she has been enjoying her family so much,” a source exclusively told Life & Style. “It took her a long time to ‘get her body back’ after having Ace and this time around, she couldn’t wait to feel like her old self again.”

A hard pregnancy, indeed! In addition to the weight gain, Jessica suffered from severe edema (swelling) in her feet and ankles. Thankfully, all the discomfort is behind her! 

Courtesy of Jessica Simpson/Instagram

“Jessica’s secret is simple: consistent workouts and portion control,” the insider explained of the fashion designer’s fitness routine. “Working out is really key for Jess because she wants to be able to eat and enjoy life with her kids. She loves going out for date nights with Eric [Johnson] and having cocktails, so she doesn’t like to deprive herself of that. It’s just about keeping it in moderation.”

Ummm, the fact that Jessica was able to shed all that weight and still drink cocktails is definitely reason enough for us to hit the gym. 

“Jessica finds that eating more and having meals planned keeps her in check. They have a chef that prepares food for them and keeps their meals balanced and healthy,” the source explained. “Jessica used to skip meals to lose weight, but what actually works best for her is to eat healthfully and more often.”

Jessica Simpson 100 pound weight loss while wearing a little black dress in NYC

We’re happy to hear that Jessica has made skipping meals a thing of the past. Question is, what does the former reality TV star eat? “She will wake up and have breakfast, usually eggs and a juice/smoothie of some sort, before working out — and she just keeps it healthy and makes smart decisions the rest of the day. Salads, veggies, lean proteins … the usual tricks!” the insider dished.

When it comes to what drives Jessica to lose weight, the source noted that “fashion” and her marriage are major motivators. “She has so many amazing outfits and bathing suits and beautiful pieces that she wants to wear! She wants to look and feel sexy for herself and for her husband. Eric makes her feel so confident and she loves to show that off.”

The source concluded, “Jessica is such a busy woman. She has a family and several hugely successful businesses, but she has found a way to balance it all and feels like she has it all!”

Good for you, girl! Keep slaying. 

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