When rapper Jeezy isn’t recording music, he’s spending time with his kids! The “Put On” artist shares four children from different relationships, including his daughter with estranged wife Jeannie Mai.

How Many Kids Does Jeezy Have?

The South Carolina native has fathered sons Jadarius Jenkins, Shyheim Jenkins and daughters Amra Nor Jenkins and Monaco Jenkins over the years.

While his older kids Jadaruis and Shyheim are adults, his daughters are still underage – his youngest turned one year old in January 2023.

Who Does Jeezy Share His Sons With?

Jeezy welcomed son Jadarius with ex-girlfriend Tenesha Dykes on June 18, 1996. The eldest of the brood took after his famous dad and launched a music career. He goes by the stage name Lil’ Jeezy.

Shyheim, meanwhile, stays largely out of the spotlight. It’s not clear who his mother is, though reports claim Jeezy shares Shyheim with Tenesha as well. Shyheim additionally does not have any public social media presence.

While he doesn’t talk too publicly about fatherhood, Jeezy revealed he taught his sons about generational wealth.

How Many Kids Does Jeezy Have? Met the Rapper's Sons and Daughters
Jeannie Mai/ Instagram

“I told my son the other day … he said, ‘Yeah, you know such and such got a new chain.’ I said, ‘That sounds good,’” he said during a May 2023 appearance on the “Big Facts” podcast.

Jeezy responded, “Well, you know we got 40 buildings.”

Who Does Jeezy Share Daughter Amra Nor Jenkins With?

The “Soul Survivor” artist and musician Mahlet Gebregiorgis welcomed Amara in February 2014. The entertainers got engaged in 2016, but split three years later.

Though Amara is almost a preteen now, Jeezy and Mahlet threw a royal-themed party for her first birthday.

“Taking a page out of the classic movie Coming to America, Princess Amra made her birthday entrance on rose petals and to the sound of drums and tribal dancers,” Exclusive Access reported at the time, alongside photos of the star-studded event.

The attendees danced the night away while the little ones enjoyed fun arts and crafts.

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai’s Daughter Monaco

The Real host gave birth to their daughter in January 2022 after almost one year of marriage to Jeezy. Fans were shocked when Jeannie announced her pregnancy as she previously stated she didn’t want kids on multiple occasions.

That being said, the pair ​appear to be good coparents to their little one and have taught her about her heritage early on.

“It really does take a village, and not just to help you but also to help your child just identify themselves with their family and who plays what roles. That’s big for me as a Vietnamese American — family is everything,” Jeannie told People in June 2023, while discussing how she and Jeezy raise their daughter. “Monaco is a beautiful Black Vietnamese American, and what that means is really understanding what being Black means from your grandfather, what being Black means from your cousin, what being Vietnamese means from your grandmother, because she has a totally different take than what I have as a Vietnamese American.”

Jeezy filed for divorce from Jeannie in the following September after more than two years of marriage. He also requested for split custody over Monaco, According to court documents obtained by Life & Style.