Between work, relationships and responsibilities — life can get hectic. Making your home a relaxing retreat can help to shake off the day and recharge for the next. Life & Style spoke exclusively with two design experts to get tips on creating a more zen space, no matter what size your home is.

“Close your eyes and think about the last time you felt really relaxed,” Justina Blakeney, founder of Jungalow, explained. “Were you on a hike surrounded by nature? Laying on a beach? Maybe you were at a spa? Think about the colors and textures you were surrounded by. Bring those colors and textures into your space.”

Blue Bathroom the jungalow designer Justina Blakeney

A cluttered home makes for a cluttered mind, but Justina takes it one step further and noted that the pieces around you can also have a negative effect. “Items on display in your home should be items that make you feel happy and inspired,” she divulged. “If you have items that are broken, stained or carry bad associations — like stuff leftover from an ex perhaps?!? — it’s time to purge. Items in your home, especially the pieces you have on display, should make you feel good.”

Alessandra Wood, VP of Style at Modsy, added that having items that make you feel warm and fuzzy can outweigh trendiness. “Fill your home with things you love and pieces that remind you of people, places and memories you love,” she said. “While we all strive for the perfect, curated beauty of an influencer’s home, be careful not to miss out on filling your space with things that remind you to be grateful.”

Furthermore, Alessandra added, “Organization doesn’t come second nature to all of us, so find pieces that help you achieve it … If the clutter is not in your sightline, you’re less tempted to stress about it.” The interior design expert recommended using the “help of baskets or pieces that have hidden storage.”

Modsy Organization Ideas With Baskets to Make YOur Home More Relaxing

Once your space is clutter-free — what the heck do you fill it with? Justina and Alessandra both love the addition of greenery. “There is a symbiotic relationship between plants and humans. We care for each other,” the Jungalow designer said. “Studies show time and time again that including houseplants at home is good for health and well-being. It’s an easy and affordable way to create a relaxing interior.”

The Modsy VP echoed, “Plants make the air around you cleaner and easier to breathe. According to Psychology Today, leafy green plants boost your mood and your creativity, and plants, in general, help us get along better with those around us.” If you’re still looking for your green thumb, Alessandra advised to “go faux and still get the good vibes from the greenery.”

Other simple purchases or little luxury upgrades can make all the difference. “I just purchased a new duvet insert and honestly, it has been life-changing. It’s ultra fluffy and makes my bed feel like a cloud. I feel more relaxed and happier at night and refreshed when I wake up in the morning,” Alessandra gushed about how one purchase made for a night of better night sleep.

Modsy decorating tips with Crystals

She also loves adding crystals to her decor. “Even if you don’t believe in the healing powers of crystals, filling your home with beautiful, sparkling, rocks from the earth can be beneficial to your mental state and give you something beautiful to look at.”

Whether it’s a new paint color, a textured throw pillow or a healing crystal — little differences in your decor can create a feeling of zen in your home … and your mind!