It’s clear Ashley Graham is an inspiration to many, including Hunter McGrady. The 26-year-old blonde looks up to Ashely, especially when it comes to her pregnancy journey.

“You know, she’s just doing it such a beautiful way and she’s just being so open and honest about the process,” Hunter exclusively told Life & Style. “I’m really looking forward to that myself. My husband and I, we got married just a few months ago so we’re looking down that road in the next couple of years as well.”

Hunter and Ashely share plenty in common, such as their career paths. Like Ashley, Hunter is a curvy model, who was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Though the two are part of the same industry, they’ve actually never worked together. “So it’s funny because surprisingly enough our paths haven’t crossed too much,” Hunter revealed.

Hunter McGrady Admires How Open Ashley Graham Is About Pregnancy
Courtesy of Hunter McGrady/Instagram

Now that Ashley is focused on her pregnancy, which she announced in August, it seems less likely that they will work together — for now. “She’s like so beyond — she’s so busy now,” Hunter said.

She continued, “She’s taking on such an incredible role of becoming a mom, which I’m so excited for her. She’s going to raise such a fierce little human into this world, but you know our paths haven’t crossed very much, which is actually funny because you would think in this world we all know each other, and we do, and I know her of course, but we’re usually still pretty much only like the token plus model on set, if that makes any sense. Like if I’m ever on set, I’m usually the token plus model, it’s never like, ‘oh well, I’m actually working with a bunch of people.'”

Hunter is just as busy, though. She was most recently on the cover of The Knot magazine for its fall fashion issue, so she’s doing pretty well for herself. While Hunter works hard at her success, she says her husband, Brian Keys, makes things easier for her.

“He gets why I do what I do, and there is never any jealousy,” she exclusively told Life & Style in September. “There is never anything of him going, ‘I just don’t think you should do that.’ It’s, ‘Babe, if that is your passion, then do it.’ I think that is really important, and he is just so special.” He sounds like a keeper!