Whoa — is Brittany Cartwright from Vanderpump Rules pregnant? Fans are freaking out after a super teaser for the second half of Season 6 aired last night, and right in the middle of other explosive reveals and bombshells was a clip of Brittany handing her boyfriend Jax Taylor a pregnancy test!

In the clip, Jax and Brittany were sitting down at a lounge when she made her big reveal — but it cut to another clip before viewers could see Jax's reaction. That was enough to send fans into a frenzy on social media. "Oh s–t is Brittany pregnant??" one fan tweeted, and another wrote, "Brittany being pregnant is the only legit reason for her to stay with Jax and It still ain’t a good reason!"

Judging from all of the drama that's going on between Brittany and Jax this season, it definitely doesn't seem like the right time for the couple to be expecting a baby. Jax confessed to cheating on Brittanywith fellow SURver Faith Stowers and Brittany decided to forgive him — even though at one point, Faith thought that she might have gotten pregnant after her romp with Jax, which means that they both could be pregnant with Jax's child.

Brittany' Pump Rules castmates all but turned their backs on her after she chose to stay with Jax after he cheated, except Scheana Marie. "I was 100 percent Team Brittany. But then when she chose to stay with Jax and none of the other girls were supporting her, I was just like, ‘You know what? That’s not fair,'" she exclusively revealed to Life & Style. "We can all say that if we were in her shoes, we would have left. But until you really are, you don’t know. And at the time when all this was happening, that wasn’t the only thing going on."

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In hindsight, it seemed like Scheana subtly hinted at Brittany and Jax's pregnancy scare — but fans will just have to wait to find out the results of Brittany's pregnancy test.