Every time Cutie Pie makes an appearance on Moonshiners she steals the spotlight — and it's easy to see why! Fans of the Discovery Channel reality series can expect to see the adorable pup riding motorcycle with her dad Josh Owens when the show returns.

However, she does have a tiny scare on the premiere episode, after she is bitten by a snake while out setting up a shine site. "The way she's breathing is just freaking me the f–k out, man" he says in the episode. "She's stiff as a board. I'm afraid she'll have a heart attack as hard as she's breathing." Once at the doctor's, Josh was told his pet was in trouble — but Cutie Pie made a full recovery!

And if you are having Cutie Pie withdrawals, all you need to do is head over to her Facebook page, where we can guarantee she has more friends than you! "I was adopted by my Dad, Josh. Always on the lookout, while shining," her bio reads.

In 2013, viewers were especially worried about Cutie Pie when she got stung by a bee on the reality show. However, Josh, 28, was able to remove the stinger from her paw. "Cutie Pie she's always there for me," Josh said on the show. "She's definitely my sidekick. If people were more like dogs, the world would be a better place." He also reassured fans on social media, writing, "Cutiepie is fine but had to take her friend to the vet and he had to be put a sleep. Dang it."

And sidekick she is, even joining the Moonshiner for motorcycle rides with her own set of goggles. "She jumped right on up the Harley and stood right up on the tank just like she belonged there," Josh said of their first ride together. "And when we got to the first curb she kind of leaned into the curve and I knew it was meant to be. So we rode all day that day… It was the funniest thing ever."

In her most recent Facebook post from 2016, Cutie Pie can be seen joining Josh as he cuts down trees. Fans were loving the update, with one commenting, "Soo cute, love this dog," before another added, "Lookin' good Cutie Pie."

Let's hope she'll be joining Josh on his moonshine runs when Moonshiners returns to Discovery Channel tonight, Nov. 14, at 9 p.m. EST.