Considering Euphoria is one of the most popular shows on television today, it’s no wonder the drama’s huge fanbase has one question on their minds: Is a new episode of Euphoria on tonight during Super Bowl LVITo learn more about HBO’s scheduling for tonight, Sunday, February 13, as well as details on season 2, episode 6 of Euphoria, keep reading! 

Is Euphoria on tonight?

Yes! Season 2, episode 6 of Euphoria will be available to stream on HBO Max and watch via HBO at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

Super Bowl LVI, which will be the Los Angeles Rams vs. the Cincinnati Bengals, will begin at 6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 PT. Generally, the Super Bowl is about three hours and 45 minutes long, including the halftime show. So, if you’re planning on watching Euphoria and the game, you may have to record one!

What is tonight’s episode of Euphoria about?

Warning: Spoilers for episodes 1-5 of season 2 of Euphoria ahead. 

In episode 5, Rue Bennett (played by Zendaya) spilled the beans about Cassie Howard (played by Sydney Sweeney) sleeping with Nate Jacobs (played by Jacob Elordi).

As a result, Nate’s ex-girlfriend, Maddy Perez (played by Alexa Demie), who also happens to be Cassie’s best friend, was enraged and even threatened to “get violent.”

In the teaser for episode 6, Maddy is seen holding the sex tape of Nate’s dad, Cal Jacobs (played by Eric Dane), and Jules Vaughn (played by Hunter Schafer). Will Maddie release the tape as revenge? Her character arc would suggest so, but Euphoria is nothing if not unpredictable.

Moreover, during episode 5, audiences witnessed Rue hit rock bottom in her drug addiction, fleeing from the cops, robbing a stranger’s home and narrowly escaping being sex trafficked by Laurie (played by Martha Kelly). By the end of the episode, it appeared as though Rue was able to make her way back home.

The trailer shows her still in the throes of withdrawal and trying to regain her sobriety.

Lastly, this season’s most-talked about love connection, Lexi Howard (played by Maude Apatow) and Fezco (played by Angus Cloud), should finally be getting some more screen time! The trailer shows the potential lovebirds sitting on a couch together and smiling at each other.

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