Aww! Iskra Lawrence took to Instagram on Tuesday, April 7, to share a sweet video of her boyfriend, Philip Payne, kissing her growing baby bump, and it’s pretty sweet.

“You’re so loved already,” she captioned the post. “And yup wearing @aerie sweats and the real free tank bralette #aeriereal.” Fans couldn’t help but gush at the future parents’ bond. “The way you two look at each other … your baby is so lucky to have such amazing parents!!” one person wrote. “You two are the embodiment of cuteness and couple goals. I love you, Iskra … so much!!! You’re very inspiring,” commented a second. “Wow, the power of love in both your eyes is magical! Love it,” wrote a third fan. They really do make the best couple!

Iskra Lawrence and Philip Payne
Courtesy of Iskra Lawrence/Instagram

In November 2019, Iskra and Philip announced they’re expecting their first baby together. Since then, the pregnancy “has definitely brought them closer,” she exclusively told Life & Style in March.

The pregnancy was unplanned, which made them nervous, but luckily, they’ve been leaning on each other. “We have been very honest with each other about our fears and what we are scared of, which is great, but just sort of feeling and having this connection,” Iskra revealed. “Which is just hard to explain, unless you’ve experienced it … You love something that is existing inside of you that you haven’t met yet, and it’s just so special. It’s like, ‘Oh my goodness, I love you unconditionally already, whoever you are, whoever you choose to be.'”


When it comes to giving birth, Iskra plans on doing it at home. “I just always envisioned it,” she said. “I couldn’t even tell you where it came from. I think we all have maybe some subconscious ideas for our life and that was just always one.”

It’s clear the pair have plenty of love for their bundle of joy, but also for each other. Iskra gushed about how much her beau spoils her. “He always makes sure he is at the airport to pick me up,” she divulged. “He did surprise me with flowers the other day and a beautiful card out of the blue — not Valentine’s or anything, just out of the blue. [He’s] just always helping me.” How sweet!