Doing their own thing. YouTuber Jake Paul was hanging out with new girlfriend Julia Rose in Las Vegas on February 22 — while ex-wife Tana Mongeau took London by storm as a featured creator at VidCon. Needless to say, it’s pretty crazy to see these former flames doing their own thing.

The Disney alum, 23, took to his Instagram Stories to share a Boomerang video of his new lady love, 25, sitting across from him on a party bus late on Saturday night. At the same time, Tana, 21, was partying it up with BFFs Imari Stuart and Ashly Schwann after premiering season 2 of their series Tana Turns 21 at the English export of the popular convention.

Julia Rose Jake Paul Las Vegas

The vloggers announced they would be going on a “break” in early January, just six months after their blowout Las Vegas wedding. Shortly after the announcement, Tana was seen supporting Jake in Miami before one of his boxing matches — along with his new girl, whom he debuted on Instagram the same weekend.

That being said, Tana told Life & Style exclusively that she’s good with the progression of events. “I feel like my overall response toward that is always going to be like, ‘If he’s happy, I’m happy for him,’” she dished about Jake’s decision to move on. “And that’s the way that the cookie is crumbling.”

Plus, the blonde beauty isn’t a stranger to the Team 10 leader’s ways. “I just know Jake, I know Jake loves a fun and fresh rotation,” she continued. “He definitely likes to have fun and I’m not going to sit there and harp on every little thing or person that’s going to walk in and out of his life.”

“Right now, I think that’s, like, for him to focus on and if I were to really read into that. Of course, that’s something, seeing the person that you love with anyone else is hard,” Tana concluded. “But at the same time, I know the way that Jake kind of processes things and does things, so I’m just letting him do him in a way that makes him happy.”

Even Jake told LS the former flames have been on “great terms” and are “super friendly” since their split. “I think it was a weight lifted off of our shoulders when we made that decision,” he revealed exclusively of their choice call it quits. “And we kind of remember where we started at which was friends.”

Seems like everyone’s doing A-OK in this love triangle.