Time heals all. Just ask Jeffree Star, who’s still dealing with the aftermath of his recent breakup from ex Nathan Schwandt. The 34-year-old beauty guru took to his Instagram Story on Monday, January 20, to inform fans that he’s feeling better since the split.

“Oh, hello everyone. New videos and new content will be happening … Finally … in the next few days,” he said in the clip. “Thank you guys for being patient. It has been a very insane last few days, and I’m starting to finally feel like myself again. So, thank you guys for being patient. Muah!”

Jeffree announced his split from Nathan in a 17-minute YouTube video called “We Broke Up,” which he shared on his channel on January 11. The couple were together for five years, and fortunately, they didn’t end on bad terms. “Me and Nathan will be friends forever, I will always have love for him,” the vlogger said. “Are we in love with each other? No. But we love each other and he will always be in my life.”

Jeffree revealed that he didn’t immediately tell fans the status of his relationship for a good reason. “I’ve used a lot of this time of silence to just try to heal. We’re both in a state of shock,” he divulged. “I’m devastated, I’m so sad. And the love of my life is no longer — I don’t wake up to him anymore. He’s no longer here every morning and my routines have changed and I’m just in a state of shock right now. We both are.”

Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt Relationship Timeline
Courtesy of Jeffree Star/Instagram

He added, “This isn’t an internet fight. , this is my real life and me and my soulmate are really going through it.”

On the bright side, though it’s been a struggle, the makeup expert is slowly moving forward. On January 12 — one day after uploading the video — Jeffree shared an Insta photo of himself alongside a caption revealing he’s hanging in there. “Today was the first morning I didn’t cry over the dog bowls when making their breakfast,” he wrote. “Hi progress, how are ya?”

Baby steps!