Someone call M. Night Shyamalan, because it looks like there’s a surprise ending in the works! Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 star Jenna Cooper has been working feverishly to prove her innocence after texts surfaced allegedly from a jaded ex-boyfriend seeming to prove that she cheated on her TV fiancé Jordan Kimball. But now, she says she has proof that the texts were fake, and that *someone* set her up.

“Obviously, like I already knew… the forensic analysis of my electronic devices and iCloud account prove that the fraudulent text messages posted by ‘Reality’ Steve were not mine,” wrote Jenna on Oct. 1. Jenna posted a photo of her phone being “analyzed” one week earlier, and after seemingly giving the “proof” to Jordan, the former couple unfollowed each other on social media and Jenna wiped all pics of her ex from her Instagram. Still, she’s not done playing detective.


“There is growing and compelling evidence pointing to who was behind this attack on me, and it is very sad,” she continued. “Given the legal issues and ongoing investigation, I am delaying posting the forensic data until the investigation is fully completed. One thing is for sure, there is a huge twist and it is killing me keeping it quiet while the investigation is completed. You WILL be hearing more about this in the next few weeks, but I am going to attempt to start moving on with my life. #TheWaitIsWorthIt #JusticeServedCold.”

While it sounds like Jenna does plan to put this person on blast sooner or later, fans are already crafting some pretty wild theories about who would have set Jenna up.

“Was Jordan in on it? Or one of his friends?,” said a follower in the comments. “How quick he jumped, how quick he started promoting himself after and selling things! He probably thought she would never look into it and would get away with it.” “It’s so Jordan, I knew it,” said another.


Others thought maybe it was a different scorned lover from BIP. “Bet it was Benoit ??‍♀,” said one fan. “I bet it’s Benoit!!” agreed another. “Plot twist: it was Benoit because he is in love with you,” a third wrote. So far, there is no evidence that points to either Benoit or Jordan as having done anything to hurt Jenna.

Still, many fans think Jenna is straight-up lying, and that the texts are real and she truly did have a secret boyfriend. “Liar. Literally no one from the Bachelor is on ur side bc they know u f–ked up,” said an unconvinced follower. Only time will tell what really happened. For now, Jordan is staying mum (besides a little shade) and Reality Steve stands by his story.

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