Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer split up way back in 2009, but sources exclusively tell Life & Style that she is still haunted by that relationship and misses what she had with the rocker to this day.

“Jen’s affair with John Mayer was completely different than all of her past relationships, which were pretty much all with actors of varying levels of fame,” the source dishes. “That meant that even with Brad Pitt, there was an aspect of competition in play between the two of them. That kind of thing was never the case with Mayer – when he and Jen had their thing, he was totally focused on making her happy, and meeting her needs.”

John, 46, “spoiled” Jennifer, 55, “with endless, laser-like attention,” which the insider says “may have permanently damaged her when it comes to her eventual failed marriage to Justin Theroux, a guy who was and is always chasing the next big career opportunity.”

“With Mayer, there was no distraction around where he sat on the Hollywood pecking order. He even went to the Oscars with Jen and did it with a perfectly modest smile on his face!” the source continues, referencing the 2009 ceremony. “They just were able to bond on a much deeper level because of that, and everybody who really knows Jen believes she has been chasing that elusive feeling ever since – while still hoping against hope that a reunion with Mayer is possible somewhere down the line!”

The former couple first met in 2008 when they attended the same Oscars party. While neither the Friends star or “Your Body Is a Wonderland” singer have shared much about their romance and split, John previously hinted that they broke up over their age gap.

“I’ll always be sorry that it didn’t last,” John told Playboy about his romance with Jen in 2010. “In some ways I wish I could be with her. But I can’t change the fact that I need to be 32.”

John then elaborated on what being 32 meant to him at the time. “I want to dance. I want to get on an airplane and be like a ninja. I want to be an explorer. I want to be like The Bourne Identity,” he explained. “I don’t want to pet dogs in the kitchen.”

John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston’s Romance Was ‘Completely Different’ Than Her Past Relationships
Kevin Mazur/VF/WireImage for Vanity Fair

Following her split from John, Jennifer moved on and found love with Justin, 52. The pair tied the knot in 2015, though eventually divorced in 2017. Meanwhile,  John had a fling with Taylor Swift that lasted between 2009 and 2010 before he dated Katy Perry from 2012 until 2014.