Reality TV vs. actual reality. What happens when the camera shuts off and real life begins? For Bachelorette alums JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers, that’s when the struggles began and things got “really real.” The couple sat down for an interview on their web show Engaged with JoJo & Jordan where they revealed some of the ups and downs of their relationship.

For the young couple, the hardest part was the beginning. According to JoJo, once their season was over, “That’s really when things kinda blew up for us, and we didn’t really know how to prepare for that.” Jordan admitted that the Instagram-perfect couple actually had many “imperfect moments.” You mean, social media isn’t real life? ~I’m shook.~

As soon as the season wrapped, the couple went to Nashville to pack up Jordan’s house, but weren’t expecting the media frenzy that followed. Being engaged and moving into a new home should’ve been a happy time, but it proved to be the most trying in their relationship. They frequently asked themselves if they were making the right choice.

“We’re trying to deal with everything. The backlash, the good, the bad … in the midst of learning about each other and meshing our lives,” Jordan said.

“We didn’t know how to communicate with each other … So a lot of times, unfortunately, I think we kinda just held in those feelings.”

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Communication was the main struggle for two. JoJo added, “Being scared to express ourselves was actually one of the most detrimental things we could’ve done to our relationship.”

Another obstacle was feeling like they had to keep up a “perfect” image. They were afraid to show any emotion or disagreement in public because it didn’t look like everything was as lovely as it was on TV. It took a year before they felt like they turned a corner and could have a normal relationship.

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That’s not to say their first year together was all bad. “We had really amazing moments in that first year. What was the most frightening, for maybe both of us, were those really high highs and then seeing it go down into those low lows,” JoJo explained. “It started to scare me into thinking this was an unstable relationship.”

In the end, the two decided to choose each other and continue their journey together…for better and for worse. “I can’t tell you how glad I am that we didn’t give up in that moment that we thought we could’ve walked one of two ways.” Awww, thanks for giving Bachelor Nation hope, you two!

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