He needs a miracle! Aspiring singer Jonny Brenns knew that his performance last night on American Idol wasn’t his strongest, but at least he is able to take criticism. Jonny is one of the 14 contestants left on the show and even though he may be facing elimination on tonight’s episode, he should feel proud of how far he’s come so far in the competition — especially because he got farther than he did when he attempted to audition for The Voice!

Before he got his golden ticket to Hollywood, Jonny, 19, tried to chase his dream in 2017 by uploading an audition tape for the rival competition series. Though it’s unclear if he ever got to audition for the judges in person, Jonny tried to get the producer’s attention with a cover of Noah Cyrus‘ 2016 song “Make Me (Cry)” — and his American Idol fans have been leaving him sweet messages in the comments in the recently resurfaced video.

“Just wanna put this out here, I’m so in love with the vocal performance, the height too. I’m so in love with everything about Jonny. I wish more than anything he wins!!!!!” one fan wrote, while another commented, “I am madly in love with you! Just watched your audition at [American] Idol and I’m raving about your voice. It’s like silk and reminds me of Amos Lee.”

But it looks like Jonny might not have chosen the best song for his voice during last night’s episode, and the judges were not very impressed with his cover of Panic! at the Disco’s 2013 hit “This Is Gospel.” But Jonny is still holding onto hope, and he took to social media to ask his fans to pull through for him and vote him into the Top 10. “I am so incredibly close to my dream, and without you all, it might end!” he wrote on Instagram. Watch the video below to see stars who still made it after a failed stints on American Idol!