Hold onto your fitness bands — Jordyn Woods just might have another fitness trick up her sleeve. This one may come in the form of a possible workout video with her new BFF, rapper Megan Thee Stallion … but it looks like we’ll have to wait and see if the exercise clips actually come to fruition. The whole idea started when a fan took to social media and mused about how epic it would be if the duo came together for a fitness project.

“Can we get @jordynwoods to make one of her fitness videos and have @theestallion come on there and do a twerk workout,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “A twerkout, if you must!” A fanpage on Instagram dedicated to Jordy caught wind of the post, screengrabbed it and posted it to their Instagram Stories. “Can we make this happen plz,” they wrote over the tweet, tagging the two babes.

Jordyn must have seen the post in her mentions because she reposted the Story on her own feed. “I think we can do this,” she wrote over the requests, tagging the rapper, 24, too.

Jordyn Woods Megan Thee Stallion Workout Video

Needless to say, the idea of a potential fitness collab between these two incredible starlets is, well, incredible. And, not for nothing, Jordyn definitely seems like the kind of gal to make it happen. The brunette beauty is already the founder and CEO of sportswear brand SECNDNTURE, which she launched back in late summer 2018.

Most recently, the model unveiled her latest venture, FrstPlace, an app that essentially acts as a personal trainer. The in-app workouts were designed by Jordyn herself and are adjustable based on your experience level and physical location. Pretty sweet stuff!

Plus, she came to the project with the desire to take the intimidation out of the workout process. “That’s exactly why I created this,” she told fans during an Instagram Story Q&A session in early November. “I wanted to normalize the whole fitness world — it can be really intimidating stepping into it. I wanted it to come from someone normal who was on the journey as well with you.”

We could definitely see Meg making an appearance on the platform to twerk it out — make it happen, Jordy!