You better not mess with these babes. Jordyn Woods and her rapper pal Megan Thee Stallion took to Instagram to share their seriously badass Halloween costumes — and we feel afraid, empowered and jealous all at the same time. It’s a mixed bag of emotions, people, and it could only come from such sexy and powerful costumes.

“Choose your fighter,” the 22-year-old captioned a series of three photos of herself and her friend, 24, in Tekken and Street Fighter-inspired looks. Jordy rocked a full body fishnet jumpsuit under a leather bikini ‘fit, while Meg opted for a strappy hot pink, metallic two-piece with knee-high boots. They each had their ~weapons~ on display, Jordyn with two swords on her back and Megan with a handheld spear.

Courtesy of @theestallion/Instagram

In the final photo of the series, the girls posed with two other friends to create a four-woman gang of babes ready to fight it out. See where the terror, empowerment and jealousy comes in, y’all? “FINISH HIM,” the “Hot Girl Summer” star captioned her version of the photos posted to her own Instagram the same day.

Considering not everyone is totally up on their video game characters, one fan took to the comments section of Jordy’s post to confirm who, exactly, the girls were dressed up as. “Skarlet, Sindel, Mileena and Kitana,” the user wrote. “That’s what they’re dressed up as.” Upon a quick Google search, you’d find out that those are the female playable characters from the Mortal Kombat franchise. “Command shift select all,” another fan wrote in support of the dope ‘fits.

Courtesy of @jordynwoods/Instagram

This definitely wouldn’t be the first time these two powerhouse babes hung out. In fact, the ladies spent a lot of their summer together (hot girl-style, of course). They started interacting on social media back in June. “I’m heavily in love with @jordynwoods and @theestallion,” a Twitter follower wrote in the early summer. Jordyn happily replied, “I’m in love with @theestallion too.” Megan responded to Jordy’s sweet tweet with three heart-eye emojis, clearly smitten.

By early August, they were posting videos together on Twitter. “Nah forrrreal she’s the one.” Megan retweeted Jordy’s video of the duo singing a Drake track, adding a heart emoji. “Real hot girl s—t 😛🔥.” Sounds like they’re determined to keep that “hot girl s—t” going through the fall!