Kelly Ripa is well-known for her extreme disciple about her diet. The morning talk show host did a “What I eat in a day” video for Harpers BAZAAR in 2020 that has since been taken down, but a TikTok user found it on Facebook and shared it, with her followers being shocked by Kelly’s seemingly low food intake.

In the video, Kelly, 53, said the first thing she does in the morning is have a glass of water with a daily greens powder for “alkalining” her digestive system.

Next came a large cup of coffee with a dash of ghee, which she used to take her vitamins and supplements, including a probiotic, foundational multivitamin, ginger and Omega-3.

Kelly said those two items were all she needed before heading out to host Live! and that she didn’t have any “chewing” food before she went on camera.

After the show, the Pennsylvania native said she eats a chopped up green apple with two tablespoons of almond butter and a teaspoon of cinnamon, blending it up “like a porridge,” stating it’s her first “chewable” food of the day.

Kelly then heads to her workout, although she didn’t detail what it involved, but said she was committed to it “seven days a week.” That is followed by her lunch, which consisted of a “big salad of microgreens with avocado and toasted nuts on top.”

Dinner was a “smaller version of the same salad” she had at lunch with a side of whatever vegetables are in season, along with a plant protein such as tofu.

As for snacks, Kelly said she turns to nuts such as almonds and cashews but never more than a handful and only twice per day.

The TV personality said she tries not to eat “cheat meals” because it leads to a “cheat lifestyle.” Kelly revealed that if she did indulge, she would eat a single chocolate covered almond or cashew, adding she felt at least there was still something healthy in the cheat snack.

Fans in the comments section were aghast at Kelly’s seemingly limited food intake.

“I’m getting hungry just hearing her. Like I need bread, how do I lose weight if I love bread? I can’t eat so little,” one person wrote, while another added, “I’ve never referred to any type of food as ‘chewable food.'”

“I did eat like Kelly Ripa for almost 20 years … I was miserable but very thin,” one user confessed, while another recalled, “I remember that they did the show from Disney World, and she said she’d have to work out all day if she had a corn dog. Struck me as sad.”

“How do you take those vitamins on just coffee?” one user wondered while several other asked about the seemingly low amount of protein in her daily diet.

Some fans joked about how they were happy to indulge in whatever they wanted to eat, with one fan writing, “Not me watching this while eating M&M’s,” while another person confessed, “I just ate lasagna at 11 a.m. No regrets.”

Kelly did confess that she changes up her meals every year, but she will then eat the same food for the next 365 days. She revealed her love of having avocado toast around 2015, but it was no longer part of her daily diet when she recorded the video five years later.