It’s lookin’ like love, y’all! Kendall Jenner and her NBA player BF, Ben Simmons, dated on the low for months before it was crystal clear there was something brewing between the 23-year-old model and her 22-year-old beau. Now that they’ve been more public than ever, it looks like Kenny is starting to see a real future in the relationship — even though it started as a “showmance.”

“Kendall and Ben became very good friends very quickly after it was suggested they ‘date’ for mutual publicity benefits,” an insider told Life & Style exclusively. “But after months of hanging out, she’s surprised herself by really falling for him.”


Apparently Ben is on the same wavelength too and we love it. “The feeling is mutual,” the insider revealed. “He’s been great for her — Ben really helped melt her ice-queen phase she went through after Harry Styles broke her heart. She never thought she’d open up to someone again, and yet here she is, finally allowing this thing between her and Ben to get very serious.”

Though most people only know about Ken’s tryst with the 25-year-old former One Direction member via some salacious photos of the duo getting extremely cozy on a yacht in St. Barts in 2016, Harry and the model actually have a history together. They started as friends and dated for a few months in 2013-2014, before things fizzled out romantically. They started seeing each other again in 2015-2016 and it seemed like things were seriously on — even big sis Khloé Kardashian confirmed the duo was dating at the time! But once Harry went off to shoot the movie Dunkirk, things fizzled out and the pair have yet to rekindle their flame. Maybe that has something to do with the whole, uh, heartbreak thing.

Kendall Jenner, Ben Simmons, Whole Foods

As for Ben, he and Kenny have been spotted at many basketball games and a Whole Foods date lately, so it’s clear they enjoy spending time together. Ken has even supported Ben from the sidelines with his mom! We love that things are heating up because these two are too cute for words — try to write a song about this one, Styles.