It's happening! After photos and videos came out showing Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloé Kardashian, the youngest Kardashian sister has gone into labor with her first child on April 11, a source close to the family revealed exclusively to Life & Style. Tristan is just wrapping up a basketball game with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but her family is rushing to be by her side.

"Kris and the girls are officially en route to Cleveland," said the insider. "They left about an hour and a half ago on a private plane. Khloé could have the baby by tomorrow morning." We're so excited to meet our new favorite baby! Unfortunately, it sounds like it's a race against the clock for the Kardashians. "The family is trying to get there before the baby arrives."

News of contractions broke earlier in the day, before she had actually gone into labor. "Well I think we would know first (about the contractions)," explained the source, insisting that they hadn't heard anything yet. "The family has been shooting in LA all day and if Khloé was having contractions or in labor they would be en route to Cleveland right now and they just aren't. I can't say much but as of now they are in LA. As of now." That changed around 6pm, when they got the word and rushed to the airport.

We must admit, this isn't great timing. While we're dying to meet the little girl, it couldn't be a more stressful situation for her mom. Khloé has been paranoid that Tristan would betray her for months, and now her worst feels seem to have come true… days before she's supposed to have their baby. Photos and videos began to surface of Tristan kissing, fondling, and motorboating several other women in clubs," and Khloé was beside herself and ready to be "so f–king done" with her baby daddy. The family quickly put a plan into action for dealing with all of the crazy backlash.

Luckily, Khloé has tons of support, and even some from unlikely places like Amber Rose and Tristan's ex Jordan Craig. Of course, her bestie Khadijah and sister Kourtney also have her back, though fans think Kim and Kourt should have been a little more outwardly supportive. We know she'll have all the help she needs after just a short flight!