With a baby on the way, it’s no secret that Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are about to experience some trying times in their relationship — especially considering the NBA star already shares a 10-month-old son, Prince, with his ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig. Dr. Danielle Forshee — a doctor of psychology and licensed clinical social worker who specializes in high-conflict situations such as relationship and marital problems — exclusively revealed to Life & Style how these three can learn to co-parent.

“Khloé will eventually hear or witness how Jordan parents Prince, and Khloé may not agree with Jordan’s parenting of Prince. If this is or becomes the case, it will be imperative for Khloé to avoid any criticisms she may have regarding Jordan’s choice of parenting,” she explained. “Criticism breeds defensiveness and will create tension and disconnect between Khloé and Tristan in their own relationship. Additionally, it will create disharmony when it comes to Khloé and Tristan’s attempt at blending their respective families.”

Life & Style previously revealed that the reality star is nervous that her boyfriend will cheat on her with Jordan, so we totally agree that it’s important they all come to an understanding moving forward as a blended family. “She’s terrified Tristan will fall in love with Jordan all over again,” said a source. “Tristan left Jordan for Khloé when Jordan was pregnant. Although Tristan has sworn he’d never be unfaithful to Khloé, in the back of her mind, she still worries.”

Khloé’s pregnancy was first revealed in September and it was recently reported she is expecting a baby boy. The bundle of joy is due in February — around the same time her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner will allegedly welcome new additions.

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