Major fail! It’s no secret that the Kardashians have been caught using Photoshop and other editing tools to make themselves look flawless before posting pictures to social media. But a bikini photo that Kim Kardashian posted on Tuesday, January 25, had such an egregious editing error that fans were calling out the reality star for having part of her leg and knee noticeably edited out.

Kim, 41, wore a black thong bikini bottom and long-sleeved black top in the series of photos she shared, which some believe are a lead up to her launching a Skims swimwear line. But the very last shot showed her skin indented at her right lower thigh, which slimmed down all the way to her upper calf. When compared to her left leg, the error was glaringly obvious.

“So that one leg don’t look funny to ya???” one person asked in the comments, while another wondered, “Who photoshopped her leg like that?” A user asked Kim, “Babe is ur leg okay?” as another fan pointed out, “On the 5th photo your leg is badly Photoshopped!”

“Hey queen! Leg in the last pic!” one fan shared, as many others told Kim she needed to check out the final photo in the set because of the Photoshop fail. A fan account even had fun with her wild leg slim down, captioning the photo, “Kimmy! Is this a glitch? Or a genius marketing strategy for your new Skims bathing suits?”

In the rest of the photos, Kim’s impossibly slim waistline was on display, and her famous tush looked just as perky and curvaceous as it always does in her swimsuit snapshots. She even wore black gloves with her swimwear look, which had some fans asking who would wear those to the beach and confusing them before even getting to Kim’s Photoshop fail.

The brunette beauty has been in the Caribbean shooting a variety of bikini photos, which she’s been happily sharing with fans via Instagram. The other ones have been seemingly error-free and showing Kim’s figure to appear completely flawless. So far, the entrepreneur hasn’t removed the photo showing the obvious editing error to her leg, though someone on her team is probably going to get a stern talking to about posting a snapshot that had such a glaring Photoshop mistake.