Trouble in paradise? On Sept. 30, a brand new episode of KUWTK aired — and with it came a ton of dirty Kardashian laundry! Most specifically, Kim Kardashian revealed that she and her hubby, Kanye West, have been fighting like crazy.

During two separate sit-downs with her sisters Khloé Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, Kim opened up about what’s been ailing her marriage. For starters, she thinks that Kanye has been feeling “neglected” because of the kids. “I think so many husbands feel neglected when you start having kids and then all of their attention gets taken away,” the 37-year-old revealed of her man.



Khloé then rationalized that Kanye’s feelings aren’t entirely unwarranted — even if Kim has her hands full with North, 5, Saint, 2, and Chicago, 8 months. “Sometimes men still want to be treated as, like, the first baby. I know Kim is so overwhelmed and I think sometimes it’s easy to get distracted,” Koko confessed in her private interview. “But your husband still wants you to take care of him. I’m sure with three kids you’re tired at the end of the day and you don’t make that a priority, but she really has to.”

Hmmm, we understand where Khloé is coming from, but Kim went on to reveal that Kanye’s attitude goes beyond feeling neglected. So much so, that the two have been getting into “really stupid” fights lately. Case and point: The KKW Beauty mogul admitted that she and the “Ghost Town” rapper got into an argument over, er, band-aids.

Kanye apparently threw a bit of a temper tantrum because Kim gave him “the wrong color” band-aid. Yes, you read that correctly. Kim, girl, you deserve better. Grow up, Ye! And if you’re so picky about band-aids, go ahead and design some of your own.