It was a family reunion, of sorts. On January 30, Kim Kardashian and ex-husband Kanye West joined eldest daughter North and a group of her young friends — who were seen wearing shirts promoting the rapper’s new album, Vultures — for an hour-and-a-half-long meal at Nobu Malibu. How far Kimye have come.

Less than a year ago, during an episode of The Kardashians, she cried about being “overwhelmed” by his headline-making antics and having to shield North, 10, as well as her siblings, Saint, 8, Chicago, 6, and Psalm, 4, from any negative fallout.

“Kanye stresses Kim out, to the point that she gets anxious and her psoriasis flares up. But she realizes that, as much as she’d love to have nothing to do with him, he’s the father of her children and there’s no changing that,” an insider exclusively tells Life & Style. “So she’s making more of an effort than ever to put the kids first. She’s hanging out with Kanye at youth basketball games and birthday parties and even the occasional dinner.”

The “Flashing Lights” recording artist doesn’t make things easy for Kim. Most recently, he’s raised eyebrows for buying $850K titanium dentures, menacingly grabbing a paparazzi’s phone and escorting his second wife, Bianca Censori, 29, around L.A. while she donned a see-through raincoat and little else. “It’s not like Kanye has settled down at all. Sometimes it feels like he amps up his behavior just to get Kim’s attention,” notes the insider. “She never knows which Kanye she’s going to get. Still, she’s decided to take a softer approach toward him and go with the flow more.”

Trial & Error

For a while after the pair split in 2021, Kim, 43, kept Kanye, 46, at arm’s length by communicating through assistants. “It was a mess; she’s learned it’s simpler just to text him directly or call him,” says the insider. “She also realized it’s best to be cordial at events they both need to attend instead of ignoring each other. They make small talk, and she even asks about Bianca.”

The Skims founder had good role models when it comes to putting differences aside for the sake of children. Her own father, the late Robert Kardashian, maintained a strong friendship with mom Kris Jenner, 68, after she cheated and the duo divorced in 1991. Says the insider: “Kim thinks her dad would be proud of how she’s handling things.”

Of course, her amicable coparenting with Kanye means the most to their kids. “They love it when she and Kanye are together,” says the insider. “So if she can give them that, even if it’s just a little bit, it’s all worth it.”