There’s no denying that when it comes to celebrity transformations, nobody has done it better (or bigger) than Kim Kardashian. From her style, to her attitude, and everything in-between, Kim is virtually unrecognizable from the woman she was in 2007 and apparently, so is her voice. 

On July 24, Ellen DeGeneres took to Twitter in honor of Kardashian Week to share a throwback clip of Kim’s first appearance on the show. Now, we’ll let you guys be the judge, but Kim is convinced that her voice has drastically changed in the last 11 years. Check out the video below to see for yourself. 

Instead of replying with something cute or nostalgic, Kim immediately responded to Ellen’s tweet by pointing out her confusion. “I’m really baffled how my voice has changed so much!” the KKW Beauty mogul wrote. To make the matter even more strange, Kim went on to say that she misses her “2007 voice.”

TBH, 2018 Kim and 2007 Kim sound pretty much alike minus a few “Okurrr” and “bible” moments. Can someone’s voice even significantly change over time? Well, according to NBC, a person’s voice can become weaker or shaky as they get older, but as far as inflection, tone, etc., there’s not much evidence to support that happening naturally. Seeing as Kim is only 37 years old, it seems unlikely that age has anything to do with her changing voice. 

Our best guess is that Kim spoke differently in 2007 because she was fairly new to ~the scene~ and she had yet to create the Kim Kardashian persona we all know and love today. Remember how Madonna made it a point to speak in a fake British accent for way too many decades? It’s sort of like that. 

Keep doing your thing, Kim. If nothing else, you’re wildly entertaining no matter what you sound like.