Kim Kardashian has been having a lot of bad hair days lately, as her once luscious locks are now sparse, damaged-looking wisps — and sources exclusively tell In Touch she even has some bald spots.

“Kim’s hair is falling out in clumps,” an insider tells In Touch. “It’s been happening for years because of all the extensions and the terrible dye jobs, but now all the stress she’s under has exacerbated things.”

The weaves and wigs the shapewear billionaire, 43, has been relying on to hide her stressed tresses are only making things worse, as is her insistence on dying her dark brown hair platinum blond, according to sources.

“When she does expose her own hair, she has to get very creative with her style team to cover up all the bald patches,” the insider says.

As recently reported, sources insist the surgically enhanced mom of four has been struggling with self-esteem issues stemming in part from her ongoing conflicts with ex-husband Kanye West, who’s rattled her confidence parading around his younger, “upgraded” wife, model Bianca Censori, 29.

She’s also been scorned by fellow celebrities, including being the butt of biting jokes at Tom Brady‘s recent comedy roast, which she told Nikki Glaser felt like “abuse.”

kim kardashian
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Then Taylor Swift called her out on a diss track on her recent album, leading the singer’s vengeful fans to troll the reality star on Instagram. “She’s having horrible anxiety attacks and barely sleeping,” the source reveals. “It was already bad, but the abuse she endured at the Tom Brady roast took her stress to a new level. She felt like she was the laughingstock of Hollywood.”

“She’s always endured a lot of negativity from the outside world but having it come from all of these celebrities was excruciating,” the source says. “She can’t even take a break to try to recover because she has so many business commitments and her kids need her. She can’t count on Kanye for help and her mom and sisters are all busy with their own lives. She’s feeling lonely, depressed and exhausted — this is a very low time for her.”