Seems like he’s still got a soft spot for the kids! Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex-boyfriend, Younes Bendjima, posted a little loving shout-out to her son, Reign Disick, to social media on May 3 — and if you read that sentence and raised your eyebrow, just know you’re not the only one.

“Ahhhh this kid,” the 25-year-old model captioned a photo on his Instagram Stories of a sweet note the 4-year-old wrote to “Everyone,” which read “I love you super much,” and was signed with a heart and his name. So sweet! Younes even added a heart emoji to his comment to really show some love.


Yeah, we’ll admit it is a little strange to see one of Kourt’s shelved dating prospects coming back in such a way, but believe it or not, it’s not exactly a huge surprise.

The model was actually in attendance at the Poosh founder’s big 40th birthday bash back on April 18, which was seemingly the world’s first tip-off that something might be a-brewin’ between these two once again. But if you go and do a little bit of extra digging, you’ll notice that Younes was all up in Kourt’s Instagram comments almost a week before the event.

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When Younes spoke exclusively with Life & Style at New York’s Hemp Garden for the launch of MASK, a CBD beauty mask, he gave us some insight on what exactly makes up his perfect woman. “I am looking to find a woman that can remind me of my mom by the qualities she has and what she looks like,” he said. “I feel like a woman that has education and that respects herself is very important and then the rest comes step by step, I guess.”

He also mentioned liking brunettes, too, so … sounds like Kourt fits the bill. Clearly, something is going on between these two, even if it’s just a rekindling of friendship — which, honestly, we would also be totally down for. However y’all want to play it is fine with us!