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Kylie Jenner Shares Photos From 1st Birthday Party: Paper Plates, Plastic Chairs and More Simple Touches

Life before wealth and fame! Kylie Jenner sure has come a long way when it comes to how her first birthday was celebrated to how she marks the occasion today. The makeup mogul shared throwback photos on August 10, 2022, of the party thrown for her by mom Kris Jenner for when her youngest child turned one, and boy were things so sweet and simple back then.

Unlike Kar-Jenner children’s birthday parties today that include elaborate themes, large bouncy slides, massive catered tables of desserts and other food, movie screenings and more, Kylie’s first birthday was an adorable, basic affair. She showed off how there was just one set of balloons as decorations, unlike the massive balloon displays spelling out names and numbers that the family uses today.

Kylie’s birthday had a Tweety Bird theme from the classic cartoon. Her birthday cake featured the yellow animated character in frosting atop a simple, square white sheet cake and one small, thin candle atop to note her first birthday.

The setup for her party was on the family’s backyard cement patio. It featured folding tables covered with a paper tablecloth featuring Tweety and colorful flowers. Matching paper plates and cups with identical cone-shaped paper party hats sat at each place setting, along with plastic patio chairs for each guest to sit on.

Kylie’s party on August 10, 1998, showed the stark contrast in how her family’s life has changed since that time, displaying the type of adorable normalcy that the family’s next generation of children will never know. Now, birthdays are elaborate catered affairs with party planners held in the backyards of the sisters’ huge mansions.

Even Kylie herself has been celebrating her birthday in luxury for years now. From receiving high-end sports cars and vintage Rolls Royces as presents, to posh vacations to the Turks and Caicos and Italy’s Amalfi Coast to ring in her latest trip around the sun each year, Kylie’s birthday celebrations are the stuff people can only dream of. From $25,000 designer couture dresses for her dinner with family to yachts that take her to some of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful destinations, Kylie’s come a long way from her youthful days of store-bought sheet cakes and paper hats to mark her birthday.

Scroll down to see photos from Kylie’s first birthday party.