He can keep up! Kris Jenner‘s boyfriend, Corey Gamble, “isn’t just her guy,” a source exclusively tells Life & Style. “He’s integrated himself with pretty much all the Kardashian and Jenner family members.”

Corey, 40, and Kris’ youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner, are “especially close,” says the insider. “They pal around, they have the same sense of humor and taste in music.”

Although the business executive “feels close to all the sisters,” Corey connects with Kylie, 23, and Khloé Kardashian “the most,” the source adds. “I love Corey. I think that he’s just an amazing person, I think he treats my mom amazing,” Kylie said during a 2019 episode of KUWTK. “And he’s just helped me navigate through life and I really appreciate his advice. He’s just always been a good, good guy.”

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble's Quotes About Each Other Are, Uh, Pretty NSFW
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Since getting together in 2014, Kris, 65, and Corey are stronger than ever! “He’s the greatest guy, and he’s just an amazing support system for me,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians executive producer gushed during a March 2021 with WSJ Magazine. “He really gives me a lot of strength and insight. He’s a great sounding board. And he loves my kids and my mom, and they love him.”

Fans have been fortunate enough to watch the pair’s relationship unfold on KUWTK, including some of their ~NSFW~ moments. During an April 2021 episode of the hit E! series, Kris and Corey agreed to stay abstinent for a Poosh.com segment Kourtney Kardashian was working on. “You’re horny as f–k so I don’t think this is going to work,” the grandmother of 10 joked, while Corey likened not having sex with Kris to “jail.”

Of course, that was hardly the first time the lovebirds opened up about their sex life on television. “Corey is like a walking, talking Luther Vandross song,” Kris previously raved about her man on KUWTK. “He is so sexy always and all I want to do is like, cue the music.”

As for walking down the aisle, Kris, who was previously married to the late Rob Kardashian Sr. and ex Caitlyn Jenner, isn’t so sure that’s in the cards for her and Corey. “You know, I’ve done that twice and it didn’t work out so well. So, I don’t know. You never know,” Kris said during a 2017 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I’m going to take a page out of Goldie [Hawn] and Kurt [Russell]’s book,” she laughed. “Or Kourtney [Kardashian]’s. You know, I just think as long as things are going so well, why ruffle it up?”