If you thought for a second that having a baby would slow down Kylie Jenner’s ability to post fire selfies, you thought wrong. On June 7, the 20-year-old took to Instagram to show off just how well motherhood suits her. In fact, we don’t think we’ve ever seen her look this good.

It’s clear that her determination to get her pre-baby body back paid off. Back in April, an insider revealed to Life & Style exclusively that the new-mommy was really struggling with her image. “She called herself ‘fat,’ ‘gross,’ and ‘disgusting’ all the time,” the source explained.

Of course, at no point in her lifetime could Kylie ever be described as any of those things, but we’re glad to see that she’s started embracing a healthier mindset by showing off her very obvious beauty. Even if you can peep her little leg scar, she's killing it!

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Our only issue, however, is trying to figure out where she is. Being the ever-mysterious lip kit mogul that she is, Kylie — who is rocking several pieces by Sydney Evan — didn’t give too much away in the captions of her little photo shoot, but rest assured, we’ve done some digging.

OK, so based on her caption, we know it’s morning. Yawn! What else can we discern? Well, given the background. It looks like Kylie is in an airstream. Possibly the very same airstream her older sister Kourtney vacationed in back in April alongside her longtime bae, Younes Bendjima.

IF it’s the same airstream, we can pretty much guarantee her baby daddy Travis Scott is not with her. That’s because, Kourt’s airstream was in Malibu, CA, and Travis’s most recent Instagram story shows that he’s in New York. One Question remains then: Who’s taking the pictures?

Well, Kylie’s BFF Jordyn Woods is our best guess. Shortly after the mother-of-one shared the snapshots, Jordy reposted to her IG stories with the caption, “How does she look this good!!!” She may have just been hyping her best gal pal up — but she also could be showing off her photography skills.

Either way, Kylie is still the reigning Instagram queen of the Kar-Jenner clan. Oh, and seeing how she's a bonafide mama to baby Stormi, we can go ahead and say that after these pics, she takes the Kardashian MILF crown, too.