Another day, another reason to envy Kylie Jenner’s gorgeous California home. This time, the longtime Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 22, took to her Instagram Story to show off her latest hobby amid the coronavirus quarantine. “OK, I’m very excited because I have my own little garden. How cute is this?” Kylie exclaimed. 

“I’m so happy! Quarantine has me doing a lot s–t I wouldn’t normally do, but I’ve always wanted a garden.” Unfortunately, the makeup mogul didn’t go into detail about everything in her garden. However, Kylie did mention she’s growing basil and rosemary … yum! 

Kylie Jenner's Garden
Courtesy of Kylie Jenner/Instagram

As it happens, we’re not too surprised to see Kylie making the most of her time in isolation. After all, while she was pregnant with her daughter, Stormi Webster, she stayed out of the limelight for nine months. 

“The reason why I kept it a secret is because I didn’t leave the house. I literally didn’t leave the house. Toward the end of my pregnancy, helicopters would fly over my house every day, so I was scared to even go outside. But it was my choice to do that. So I never let myself get bored,” the Kylie Skin founder explained during a March 19 Instagram Story. 

Kylie Jenner
Courtesy of Kylie Jenner/Instagram

“I watched movies, I read books, I would do full spa days and take long baths, do masks, take care of my skin, take care of my hair … Puzzles,” Kylie continued. “I did so many puzzles when I was pregnant. Puzzles [are] underrated.”

These days, Travis Scott is also stopping by Kylie’s house to spend time with his family during the global pandemic. “Travis likes to get down on the floor with Stormi and pull all her Disney princess dolls down or read her a book. He’ll flip through the pages of one of her favorites, like Mary Had A Little Glam, and get lost for hours with her,” a source exclusively told Life & Style.

“He’ll sing her little lullabies and rap songs he’s written and he’s also quick to fall asleep right there on the floor while Stormi keeps busy in her playhouse,” the insider continued. “Napping together is another thing they like doing, Travis is the king of naps, which Kylie loves.”

Puzzles, napping and gardening? It sounds like Kylie, Travis and Stormi have quarantine on lock. 

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