She hath spoken, y’all. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Lisa Vanderpump chatted with Life & Style exclusively whether or not we’ll see her back with the Beverly Hills babes anytime soon. Spoiler alert: It seems as though the reality TV queen has hung up her Housewives hat for good.

“You see, I had some wonderful moments and that’s what I signed up for on Housewives,” she exclusively gushed about her favorite on-screen moment — her daughter’s wedding — during day two of BravoCon in NYC. “Wonderful moments and real, authentic … not harping on about something that means absolutely f—king nothing.”

That being said, it looks like we can forget about seeing her back with the other wives in the near future. Bummer. “Nothing right now. No. I’m too busy,” she said of what it would take to get her back on the show. “I’m expanding my other restaurant. We’re working hard with Vanderpump Dog foundation. I’m doing another project with Caesars’ [Hotel]. I’ve got the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden. Vanderpump Rules is a big part of my life. We’re doing a lot already.”

Plus, the RHOBH favorite even ruled out any chance of a spinoff show with herself and her longtime husband, Ken Todd. So, it looks like it’s Pump Rules or bust for now.

“No, because my life is so crazy, going here and there. If I’m not designing something or something’s in construction, I’m kind of hopping around. I’m at SUR, I’m a the restaurants, I’m doing this, I’m doing that,” she explained. “I don’t know. Doing Vanderpump Rules documents my business life and sometimes my emotional, private life spills over into that but Beverly Hills used to document more my personal life and I struggled in my personal life last year. It just wasn’t a good feeling at all.”

“It’s a lot of fun but there’s also some challenges. I had emotional challenges myself, I lost my mother right in the middle of filming after losing my brother,” she continued. “The cameras have to capture pretty much everything when we have these challenges … It’s a reality show and that’s what we endeavor to do, to even show when we don’t want it. That’s life, it’s hard sometimes.”

Lisa Vanderpump at BravoCon
Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

Interestingly enough, though she had ruled out a spinoff or a return, she was particularly tight-lipped about the potential for a Vanderpump Dogs show — and said she would be down to do it. “Absolutely. Listen, if they did make a show, hypothetically, or if they are, or if they will, whatever, as I said I’m not allowed to comment on that,” she dished. “But it would be a wonderful story because I think a lot of people realize that these little furry guys are an incredible part of our life and there’s a lot of stories around them.”

Honestly, bring on more LVP and we’ll be turning on the TV!