Ever wonder where the people who appear on Long Lost Family are now? Did they stay in touch with their birth mother? Were they able to meet their half-siblings in person? Well, thanks to TLC's spin-off Long Lost Family: What Happened Next — which premiered earlier this year — fans have been able to follow up with some of the show's most memorable participants!

In a description of the series, TLC writes, "Catch up with family members who found each other during Long Lost Family, and dig deep into the joys and challenges they face after their reunions." Unfortunately, not all reunions have ended happily.

As one synopsis from Season 1 reads, "A surprisingly troubled outcome with her birth mother prompts an adoptee to find her father and she uncovers life-changing truths." In that same episode, "A woman tries to repair the relationships with the biological father she just met and the father who raised her." As these two stories prove, life (and family) is unbelievably messy.

But while things don't always go as planned, co-host Lisa Joyner expressed in an interview that people who appear on the show just want answers, even if they're hard to hear. "Your mind and the expectation and the ideas and your imagination is so strong, and when you go through a whole life not knowing, even if it's not the answer that you want, it's most of the time worth getting," she shared.

Added Long Lost Family host Chris Jacobs, "That not knowing is a burr under the saddle. Having any sort of information brings you closure. At least then you know, at least then you can match up a reality with a fantasy that you've always had in your head growing up."

Watch a brand new episode of Long Lost Family tonight, Dec. 11, at 8 p.m. EST on TLC!