Turns out, Long Lost Family host Chris Jacobs has been apart of a lot of shows, from Overhaulin' to The Insider, but none of them have been as personal for the 47-year-old as the TLC series, which premiered in 2016. The show follows individuals looking to be reunited with their biological families after being adopted — which is exactly what Chris went through!

"I was 22 months old when I was adopted into a fantastic family who was nothing but supportive of me my entire life. Especially when I was about 22 and I started to look for my biological mom," Chris explained in a TLC video. "My family was just so great about it and so supportive." Though some of the people on Long Lost Family never find their relatives, Chris' hunt for his mom was surprisingly easy.


"It was very serendipitous, the stars really aligned," he recalled. "It was very easy for me to reconnect with my birth mom. I contacted an adoption location service and as it turned out my mom had registered at the exact same service 4 years earlier when I was 18. They put us right together, the next time I was back in Chicago — where I grew up and she still lives — we reconnected."

Since Chris and his mother both wanted to get to know each other, they were able to foster a special bond, even though she gave him up. "[Our reunion] was in 1993 and we've been able to develop and grow a fantastic relationship ever since then," he shared. "My story was truly a success story when it comes to adopted kids reuniting with their birth families. It was 23 years ago now and we still talk almost every day. It's been great, I wish everybody out there in the same situation the best of luck."