Is baby No. 2 on the horizon for The Bachelor alums Sean and Catherine Lowe? In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, the happy couple revealed their plans to expand their adorable little family.

“We talk about it,” Sean said, adding the couple may wind up adopting this time around. “We haven’t taken the step to actually do our research and reach out to social workers and things like that, but I think it’s in the future.”

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Catherine chimed in with, “We want a big family. I think that [their son] Samuel is such a good boy and we’ve really been focused on him and really getting back to being comfortable in this stage because it took a long time. The first couple of months were really hard with Samuel and now we have a really good groove, so it’s kind of hard to disrupt that because it’s a rough road.”

She then added, “Pregnancy and having the baby — it’s a big commitment. I’m excited about getting his big boy room ready, just in general because he’s going to get out of his crib soon and that will be a fun new project.”

Life & Style caught up with Sean and Catherine as they hosted a Bertolli Tuscan Dinner Party, which according to a press release, was thrown to “celebrate National Italian Heritage Month and the launch of the new Rustic Cut Pasta Sauces.”

“We did the partnership with Bertoli because I have some Italian roots and October is Italian Heritage Month. Samuel’s name came from my dad’s grandfather who was from the Italian part of Switzerland, so that’s kind of how we came to be partners with Bertoli,” the mother-of-one explained.

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