In it for the long haul? Love Is Blind stars Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton didn’t have an easy time in the pods but ended up getting engaged during season 3Keep reading to see if the couple is still together or if they spit!

Are Love Is Blind’s Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton Still Together?

Colleen and Matt persevered and got married during the season 3 finale. Although they had a lot of bumps along the way, they are still going strong. They spent their second Christmas together as a couple in December 2022 and frequently post about their adventures on Instagram.

Previously, the pair confirmed during the reunion episode that they are still together, although they were not living together. Matt admitted that trying to “mesh” their lives together proved to be difficult post-show.

“Getting out of the show and the whole atmosphere, you learn a lot about each other. So it kind of started off rough right when we got out of it,” he explained. “That being said, it’s just learning how to incorporate each other into your daily lives. You’ve got to take your schedule and incorporate her scheduling. You’ve got to blend them together, and if you have certain things you like to do on the weekends, sometimes you can’t do them anymore.”

After receiving backlash from fans about their bumpy romance during season 3, Colleen gushed over her and Matt’s journey via Instagram on October 29, 2022. 

“These most recent episodes have shown some of our toughest moments but also amazing memories that I’ll forever cherish,” the ballerina captioned a photo of her and Matt walking together. “The yacht date was unbelievable and meeting each other’s family and friends was very special. We talked for hours about bringing each other into our ‘real world’ and when we eventually were able to do so, we realized quickly how much love and respect we have for each other. I’ll always love our story.”

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3: Are Colleen, Matt Still Together? Spoilers
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Three weeks later, the couple defended their relationship against the critics during a November 2022 interview with Us Weekly.

“Some of the comments are just laughable at how wrong it is or way off the mark they are,” Colleen noted. “What’s frustrating with what people do say about our relationship is that these really harsh assumptions, that’s really tricky to talk about. And it’s just completely wrong. It’s completely not true. And it’s really sad what people are saying.”

Nearly two years after tying the knot, the couple announced they had leased a home and were finally moving in together.

“WE did it OUR way,” Matt shared via Instagram in June 2023. “Honey I’m home,” Colleen captioned her announcement, adding a middle finger emoji.

Did Love Is Blind’s Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton Split?

Colleen and Matt stayed together during the entirety of season 3 — and beyond! That’s not to say they didn’t weather plenty of ups and downs along the way.

The couple went through a major fight early in their relationship during season 3. While in the pods, Colleen fell for Cole Barnett, but he opted to break things off with her to get engaged to Zanab Jaffrey. She also formed a bond with Brennon Lemieux, but he and Alexa Alfia left the pods engaged to each other.

However, Colleen eventually found her way to Matt, and they became one of the five couples to get engaged during season 3 in addition to SK Alagbada and Raven Ross and Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden

Colleen and Cole got into hot water with their significant others after they had a steamy poolside chat. The realtor told the dancer that Zanab was not “physically” his “type” and that he was very attracted to Colleen. The PR strategist also admitted that she would have approached Cole if they met in a bar.

Cole admitted to Women’s Health that he “crossed a line” with his “stupid” statements about his former fiancée. Zanab called his statements “a foot-in-mouth moment.”

As for Colleen, she said the group has “moved well past it” since the incident occurred while noting that the way the scene was edited made it look like she was making light of Cole’s comments.

“I see now how being too nice can be inappropriate, and I’ve apologized immensely to Zanab and to Matt,” she explained. “And I’ve grown a lot from that. And I apologize to this day that it was at Zanab and Matt’s expense.”

Colleen and Cole’s poolside chat also led to the brunette beauty into a huge fight with Matt. However, by the next morning, the couple had apparently made up and put the argument behind them. 

Matt said the “trust factor” for Colleen “skyrocketed” because of the incident. 

“I kind of wish I could go back a little bit and not have run away so quickly, right after something like that it happened, because she did come to me and explain it all. I don’t think I handled it the best,” he said. “I think it was just fine to be upset at the comment. But like I said, I wish I could have handled a little better.”

Are Love Is Blind’s Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton Married?

Matt and Colleen are husband and wife after getting married, with the sales executive gushing during the reunion, “Right now, we’re as good as it’s ever been.”