Heads up, Long Island Medium fans, there’s a new clairvoyant show coming your way very soon! One Oct. 8, TLC announced a new series called Mama Medium, which will premiere on Monday, Nov. 5, at 9/8 c. Watch the exclusive sneak peek above!

“Series star Jennie Marie is a medium, psychic, and fourth generation clairvoyant, but she is also an empath which means she has an uncanny gift of connecting with people who are otherwise incapable of communicating for themselves,” TLC revealed. In the first clip from the series, Jennie uses this ability to give a woman  named Jacquelyn the ability to communicate with her family again after being “left paralyzed and non-verbal due to complications from an attempted weight loss surgery in 2017.”

The moment is emotional for everyone involved, including Jennie, who relays to husband Jason Jacquelyn’s love for her daughter, and guilt and regret regarding her choice to get surgery. 

Jacquelyn is far from the only person Jennie will help. “This season, Jennie will provide additional insight and emotional comfort to a mother whose young child died unexpectedly, a family who lost a father in a plane crash, a heart transplant patient and many more,” says the press release. “Viewers will also witness Jennie’s stirring, empathic readings, including a case where she helps siblings communicate with their mother who is in a semi-vegetative state, as well as a family who has been caring for their non-verbal son, culminating in him speaking for the first time in 8 years.”

We will also get to know Jennie, a wife and mother from Rochester, NY, on a personal level. “The vivacious matriarch isn’t the only gifted person in her family; three of her four sons also share some of her abilities, and viewers will have a chance to watch their talents evolve over the course of the series.” We can’t wait to tune in on Monday, Nov. 5, at 9/8 c on TLC to see what happens!