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Sweet Like Candy! Mandy Moore’s Total Transformation From Teen to Hollywood Star: Photos

Mandy Moore is just … timeless. She started her career at the age of sixteen by playing the mean girl in the Disney classic The Princess Diaries, tormenting princess Mia Thermopolis into royalty.

Not even a year later, she stole our hearts and emptied any tears we had in our bodies when she played the God-loving teen who depressingly died from cancer, leaving her high school sweetheart-turned-husband in A Walk to Remember.

The Because I Said So actress celebrated the 20th anniversary of her breakout film by watching the movie for the first time in more than a decade and recorded the experience on TikTok.

“I mean … can you understand why I had the biggest crush ever on Shane West, come on,” she said in the January 2022 video. 

She also had a minor singing career before her acting debut, with her most popular song, “Candy” which was released in 1999. While her singing career didn’t take off like her acting, she still sings a tune from time to time, like in the animated film Tangled

However, she got to tour with one of the hottest boy bands to date and took a trip down memory lane during a July 2020 interview on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan.

“My first tour was with ‘NSync, it was a summer amphitheater tour … and I actually didn’t get to open up for them on the main stage,” she explained. “I was on, like, the little second stage when you got your ticket ripped and go through the turnstile, like, boom there we were.”

The New Hampshire landed arguably one of her best gigs as her role as matriarch Rebecca Pearson in the hit NBC series This Is Us. Once again, she pulled on our heartstrings throughout the show’s entirety, especially during her dying days in the series.

I can’t believe like six seasons in, here we are,” she said on the TODAY show in January 2022. “We’re such a family. It’s so nice to be able to celebrate all these incredible milestones together,” she continued.”

“I think we all knew what a special show, like that first episode, was. But to be a part of something that has this sort of, like, immediate affection of the audience — like, the audience has been with us since episode one and it’s just incredible.”

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