By now, you’ve probably seen photos of Meghan Markle looking fabulous at the 2018 British Fashion Awards — and you may have noticed something that stood out. We’re not referring to her amazing pregnancy glow or adorable bump, but her dark nail polish!

We stan a royal risk taker and that’s what the mom-to-be is. She broke royal protocol simply by rockin’ a black or dark nail color. Prior to this, ever since Meghan has been with Prince Harry, she’s only worn neutral colors or no polish at all, just like the rest of the women in the royal family. Queen Elizabeth’s personal go-to is “Ballet Slippers” by Essie — a pale pink sheer color, and it’s known to be the only color that she likes to use.

Meghan Markle Dark Nails
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There’s no known reason as to why this rule should be followed. Some sources claim it’s because dark colors or anything that doesn’t look natural, is considered vulgar or improper etiquette to the royal family. Whatever it is, Meghan is playing by her own rules. Besides opting for dark nails, she wore a one-shoulder black gown, which is very sleek and slightly risqué compared to anything she or anyone in the royal family have worn before. We’re so here for it!

We love that the duchess is challenging the royal family’s traditions and giving it her own modern twist, as this isn’t the first time she takes a risk. In September of last year, she wore ripped blue jeans to the Invictus Games. This was before she and Harry officially announced their engagement in November, but it’s still a rare outfit for even a royal-to-be to wear.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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In their first public appearance after becoming an engaged couple, the duchess did not wear pantyhose with a dress; it’s uncommon for royals to show their bare legs unless they’re children. Basically, it’s safe to say Meghan is a fashion revolution.