Changing things up! Meghan King documented her plastic surgery journey, including both a nose and boob job, after selling her engagement ring, presumably from ex-husband Cuffe Biden Owens.

“I did it for me and I feel good. Happy 38, MK,” the Bravo personality shared via Instagram, sharing a link to her blog, which broke down her “subtle but profound” plastic surgery transformation.

“Ten years ago (Woah, remember when people used to say that?! People say that who have wisdom, experience, not people like me who are young n stuff. I digress.) I got implants. I had just gotten divorced from my first husband and sold my engagement ring for $5,000 (or something like that) and since that made my bank account rise to about $7,500 I decided I could more than afford a fresh new chest for $5k-ish. I was 27, single af, and feeling hot with my new girls.” Meghan wrote in her blog post. “Enter history repeating itself. Now I’m 37, single af, and with another used engagement ring on my hands.”

Praising her doctor and sharing her “boob size story,” Meghan told readers that she got a breast “implant exchange” before wondering “why would one not piggyback another procedure” and added “a very minor tweak to the tip of my nose” while undergoing the knife.

RHOC's Meghan King Documents Plastic Surgery Journey After Selling $5,000 Engagement Ring
Meghan King/Instagram

“I’m exactly five weeks post-op and have gotten the go-ahead to begin working out and resuming all normal activities again,” she concluded. “I am thrilled with my results and would do it all over again. Happy 38, MK, you deserve it.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum shares three kids with ex-husband Jim Edmonds, with whom she split in October 2019 after multiple cheating scandals. Meghan then entered into a whirlwind romance with President Joe Biden‘s nephew, Cuffe. The pair got married during an October 2021 ceremony, which took place in Pennsylvania, but split two months later. Meghan has since called the marriage a “mistake” and confirmed that it was “short and sweet and it’s done and it’s annulled.”

During a July 2022 appearance on the “Divorced Not Dead” podcast, Meghan noted that she “didn’t ever want to get married again, but it was important to him.” So, she obliged. However, things didn’t work out.

“We rushed into it. Like I said earlier, I’m a lover, and I want everybody to be happy,” the mother of three shared. “I learned some big lessons from that mistake. I’m sure he did as well.”