When it comes to health and fitness, our girl Melissa Gorga has a regimen — well, sorta. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s approach to wellness and staying fit is actually pretty doable and she told Life & Style exclusively what works for her.

“I have always been that girl who keeps up with myself,” the 40-year-old admitted exclusively. “I have made fitness and eating right a part of my lifestyle. I never go on any fad diets and just try to keep it consistent throughout the year.”

Melissa and Joe Gorga take their daughter, Antonia, for a bike ride
Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com

Honestly, that’s pretty solid advice — as they say, keep in simple, stupid. But there is one other thing that the brunette beauty does to keep herself in check … and we can’t blame her for taking part every now and again.

“I am not going to lie,” she dished. “I am always down for a little hydro facial and some Botox to keep my skin fresh.” OK, girl, we hear that! Clearly, her preferred ~method~ of keeping herself fresh is doing wonders, because the Bravo TV babe turned 40 back in March and she really looks incredible. Plus, her husband, Joe Gorga, definitely digs what she’s got going on.

In fact, Melissa dished to Life & Style exclusively in August about how great things have been between them.“I think we’ve been very vocal over the fact that we’re very,” she paused, before explaining, “We have a sexual relationship, although I’ve been trying to tell him like I’m 40 now, can we like take it down a notch or like one less day, but he’s not having it.”

“Joe and I still date, we still go out. Like when we first met, we really, really do. Like, I am really fun,” she gushed about their dating life. “I think I keep the fun in the relationship and we really have a fun relationship so we didn’t ever like lay down and say, oh we’re getting old. Like no, what, I feel like I’m 28.”

Melissa, you look like you’re 28, too. You go, girl.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres on Bravo Wednesday, November 6, at 8 p.m.

Reporting by Diana Cooper