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From Rom-Com Heartthrob to Action Movie Star! Miles Teller’s Weight Loss Transformation

From rom-com heartthrob to action movie star, Miles Teller has totally transformed throughout his time in Hollywood! He made his big screen debut in 2011, and a core group of fans shared their love of the actor, but in May 2022, everything changed when Top Gun: Maverick (finally) hit theaters. Not only did Miles become known for his role as Rooster, but for those abs in that football scene.

“I’ve been working with Miles for years, and he’s someone who’s always taken the preparation very seriously,” trainer Jason Walsh told Men’s Journal amid the film’s success. Previously, Miles had to get in shape when he played real-life boxer Vinny Pazienza in the 2016 movie Bleed for This. However, the Top Gun: Maverick training was a whole other level.

“I usually sit around, like, 185 pounds. I got up to about 210 and I think I was, like, 9 percent body fat and then I cut down to 183 about 7 percent body fat for the beach scene,” Miles shared during a May 2022 interview shared on the JOE YouTube Channel. “To gain weight was the toughest part for me. For breakfast, it was six eggs and then, you know, you work out and then you have a shake and then it was two lunches. Each lunch would be chicken breast, full potato and some broccoli and I’d have two of those. And then I remember​​​ there’ll be another snack after that. For dinner, specifically, it was 20 ounces of certain fish or steak. So you’re just eating so much. That’s really what I didn’t enjoy.”

The Spectacular Now actor joked that there wasn’t “a lot of beer and pizza” consumed during his physical transformation for Top Gun: Maverick. But, he was able to drink soda for one specific reason.

“A trick of the trade that people use — you just try and dehydrate yourself as much as possible,” Miles shared. “And then oddly enough, when you’re on set that day when your body’s been deprived of sugar and sodium and all these things — you drink, like, a can of Coke and when your body gets all that sugar, everything tightens up. And so you get this certain kind of vascular look that it looks good on screen.”

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