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Love, Loss and Sexuality: See All the Bombshells From Miley Cyrus’ Tell-All Interview

A new era. Miley Cyrus spilled the tea about heartbreak, relationships, sex and more during an appearance on Barstool Sports‘ “Call Her Daddy” podcast on Friday, August 14. 

The Grammy nominee, 27, released her new song “Midnight Sky” on the same day, and it’s all about taking control of her own narrative. Miley noted that part of her inspiration came from the negative attention she received while dating The Hills star Kaitlynn Carter on the heels of her split from husband Liam Hemsworth in August 2019.

“I feel like, as a woman, I was villainized for moving on,” the “Wrecking Ball” artist said. “They made me seem like I was disloyal, which is so against my f—king character. You attack my f—king character, and my character is everything. It’s my foundation.”

At the time, the slew of rumors and theories about her love life were extremely frustrating for the “Mother’s Daughter” singer. “It’s unfair that someone taking a photo from a helicopter is allowed to control my narrative, but it feels below me, at that time, to engage in public opinion,” Miley explained. “That’s why in the song it says, ‘I can’t bite the devil on my tongue.’ … It’s about, you know, some people have the devil and angel on their shoulder, the devil lives on my tongue. So, usually, I just lash out and say the first f—king thing that comes to mind, but it’s never benefitted me.”

When it came to the heartbreak following her 10-year on-and-off relationship with Liam, 30, being with Kaitlynn, 31, simply “made [her] really happy at the time.” She added, “There’s no handbook about how to deal with heartbreak.”

During that tumultuous period, the “Slide Away” singer noticed “a gap between public perception and the truth” in what was happening in her life. “I just think it’s really f—ked up that women are villainized for moving on,” she said.

However, she’s over the social media chatter and will tell her side of the story through music from now on. “Just by engaged in that pettiness, one it isn’t good enough for me,” the “Malibu” singer noted.

Miley is an open book and shared a lot about her life. Keep scrolling to see the biggest bombshells!